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Contact: Mitchell Clark
Senior Communications Associate

September 14, 2012

"Lessons from New York: Building a Better Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment System for Duals"

New York, NY – Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicaid eligibility is set to be expanded to new populations, with the Federal government providing significant funding for states to build new eligibility and enrollment systems that would be quicker and less onerous than current application processes. However, the ACA does not explicitly require states to extend such improvements to all Medicaid populations, such as those with disabilities or those over the age of 65. As a result, states would be left expending significant funds on operating two separate Medicaid eligibility systems. Further, some of the most vulnerable Medicaid populations, those burdened by poverty, illness, and age, would be relegated to antiquated enrollment systems and a different set of rules.

This new NYSHealth report, developed by the Medicare Rights Center, examines various options for states to ensure that the gains in Medicaid access and eligibility coverage benefit all Medicaid-eligible populations. The report examines efforts in New York State and Federal options to avoid a two-tiered system, offers recommendations, and makes the case for replicating these measures in other states.  
“It is important that states create a single, modernized enrollment system capable of processing applications for all Medicaid beneficiaries, including those who are dually eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid,” said Doug Goggin-Callahan, Director of Education and NY State Policy at the Medicare Rights Center.

“Building a single, streamlined Medicaid eligibility system would ensure that all Medicaid beneficiaries, a population who are among the most vulnerable, would benefit from a quicker and less burdensome application process,” said Joe Baker, President of Medicare Rights Center. “Furthermore, state Medicaid programs would save money and create efficiencies by avoiding a two-tiered eligibility system.

Read the report here.

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